Lisa Hannigan – Oh Undone

:)))))))))))))) :))))))))))))))) :))))))))))))))))))) s.u.

Oh undone in a thundering spring came out swinging
The bell rightful ringing the tune
In the middle a little, my heart comes apart
The sun on a morning moon
Oh untied with a sigh underneath the blue sky
Oh why do I do like I do?
Unmade like a bed
Unpinned like a thread
Oh easily led, oh undone

Oh undone in a lumbering Saturday sun
I’m a castaway thrown overboard
Oh unreasonably free now and seasonably green
I feel I could swim to shore
Oh unused to the truth
Don’t I bruise like a fruit
Oh do like you do with someone
Unmade like a bed
Unpinned like a thread
Oh easily led, oh undone

Oh undone in a thundering spring came out swinging
The song I am singing down low
Oh unsettled I get all I want in the haunting
While I sleep in the snow
Oh unravelled I have all I need and I see
That I reap what I water and sow
Unmade like a bed
Unpinned like a thread
Oh easily led

Hi! I’m the dirtector of Knots, the video where Lisa Hannigan getspelted with paint. We shot it in my back garden. I also shot and directed Lisa’s vid Little Bird where she’s underwater in her. That was shot in her mums bathtub.

I just want to let you know, if you are interested, that there’s so many more videos that we’ve shot together over the past few years that I think you’d really enjoy and which are hosted on my Youtube channel (ascosiated with the attached vid). It’s hard to get traffic to my channel for the videos that I host, for obvious reasons, I’m not half as talented or beautiful as herself!!

But please come chaeck them out and Subscribe if you like what you see and hear. There’s so many other honest and true music acts on the channel which I’m very sure you would enjoy.

Many thankyous for you time!

Lisa Hannigan :: Oh Undone (Official HD Video)

Lisa Hannigan performs ‚Oh Undone‘, live from a cottage in Baltimore. This is a pre-production rehearsal during the making of Passenger for the song Oh Undone which did not make the album. Fil…
Gesendet an: adamssteff

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